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Dirty South 2010 Draft Review

April 26, 2010

For the first time in its 75 year history the NFL draft was held at primetime on a Thursday night, this new time placement and dividing the rounds into three separate days lifted the ratings for the NFL and ESPN 30% from last year, also up 30% was the use of hair spray for Mel Kiper Jr. ESPN gets the job done, I thought their presentation was very good with the wonderful awkward moments that all live television brings. My favorite character was John Gruden who not only interrupted Steve Young and received a dirty look from the former 49ers QB but let out a curse word during filming, thanks Chucky. In other news a total of 12 Dirty South players were drafted in the first round with another 13 in the second round. But how did your team draft? Here’s a breakdown of the best and worst from the 75th NFL Draft.

Best Pick: Ndamukong Suh Detroit Lions

This could be the most NFL ready player in the draft. He has size, speed, and incredible upper body strength. Don’t look for him to make too much of a splash on stat sheets in his first year but Suh is a presences on the line that no one will want to run at.

Worst Pick: Tim Tebow Denver Broncos

I said it once and I’ll say it again, way too early for Tebow to go, not only that but the Broncos traded up to get him, no one at Denver did their homework on this pick. Tebow could be a good NFL player but not anytime soon.

Dirty South Teams:

Atlanta Falcons-

1st Round. Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri. Weatherspoon brings a unique mix of speed and size that could replace Mike Peterson in the starting line-up. Look for this kid to turn heads at mini camp and be starting before the Falcon’s bye week.

2nd Round. (No pick)

3rd Round. Corey Peterson DT Kentucky/Mike Johnson OG Alabama. Solid, safe picks. Two powerful SEC players, Dimitroff did his homework and didn’t take any chances here nothing special but still good picks.

First Round Grade: A-

Overall Grade: B+

Carolina Panthers-

1st Round. No Pick

2nd Round. Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame. Possibly the most NFL ready QB ran a pro style offense at Notre Dame and is the only QB to have played a lot under center during college. His attitude and collegiate record are the only two things that concern me

3rd Round. Brandon LeFell WR LSU/Armanti Edwards WR App State. Two athletic guys who can learn from veteran Steve Smith, LeFell or Edwards could both fit in the slot position and be able to out run linebackers at the NFL level, good picks to improve a very youthful offence in Carolina

First Round Grade: F-

Overall Grade: B+

New Orleans Saints-

1st Round. Patrick Robinson CB Florida State. Robinson turned heads during his workout and brings great speed to an already great Saints defense, he won’t be starting this year but look for him to cause a stir in the Saints defensive depth charts

2nd Round. Charles Brown OT Southern Cal. Not a great player here, but plenty of potential to go around. Look for Sean Peyton to view this guy as a project. Brown’s work esthetic will take him far but not into a high spot on the depth chart just yet.

3rd Round. Jimmy Graham TE Miami. Graham is a brilliant mix of size and speed and this late in the draft is a good sleeper pick for the Saints. Being behind Shockey will help him learn the mental side of the NFL game and I see him becoming a dynamic TE in future years.

First Round Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

First Round. Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma. At 295 lbs McCoy has deceptive speed to go along with his massive frame. Tampa Bay hasn’t solved the defensive problem yet but is making the right adjustments to take them back to the glory days when TB’s defense ruled.

2nd Round. Brian Price DT UCLA. Price won’t get many sacks this year but will cause a few disruptions in the backfield. Tampa Bay has made it obvious where they’re focusing on during this rebuilding phase and are on the right track.

3rd Round. Myron Lewis CB Vanderbilt. The third defensive player taken by Tampa Bay was their most important, in a pass happy NFL you much have a good coverage backs. Lewis will take a couple of years to mature into a top NFL defensive back but look for players like Ronde Barber to take him under their wing and show him a thing or two.

First Round Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+

Miami Dolphins-

1st Round. Jared Odrick DT Penn State. Miami traded down and picked a solid pass defender with the 28th pick. Odrick has shown he can pass and run block when he played in an athletic Penn State offense, the only issue is he didn’t face too much defense in the Big Ten. He’ll make it or break it during the pre season.

2nd Round. Koa Misi OLB Utah. Misi has been working on transitioning from DE to OLB and will have to learn how to read a play at the NFL level. Not a stellar pick but not too bad either.

3rd Round. John Jerry OG Mississippi. Big body without too much razzle dazzle but he’ll do fine in the NFL. Needs to get quicker if he wants to stop a NFL defense player.

First Round Grade: C

Overall Grade: C-

Jacksonville Jaguars-

1st Round. Tyson Alualu DT California. Good comfortable pick, didn’t take any chances got a solid player with above average speed at his position. Speed is everything when you have to penetrate an NFL sized offensive line and get to the QB, like many rookies don’t look for him to be getting too many sacks but he will cause the running backs to think twice before running his way.

2nd Round. Traded

3rd Round. D’Anthony Smith DT Louisiana Tech. Smith is weak for his size but moves well; his athleticism gained him some attention but needs to hit the weight room if he wants to keep a job at this level.

First Round Grade: B

Overall Grade: B

Tennessee Titans-

1st Round. Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech. Experts are saying Morgan is the best DE in the 2010 class and put under Jeff Fisher will be beastly. He has the ability to chase down running backs as well and disrupt the passing game. Great pick especially at number 16.

2nd Round. No Pick

3rd Round. Damian Williams WR USC. Experts are all agreeing in Williams’s ability to run a route and understand an NFL offense, once he becomes comfortable with his surrounding look for him to make big strides throughout the season. Another great pick for the Titans

First Round Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A

That sums up Dirty South’s Draft Review. Congratulations to all the players taken in the NFL Draft and I look forward to watching all of them in years to come.

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